Over Bleaching (Is There Such a Thing?)

When we think of teeth nowadays, most of us imagine that gleaming, white Hollywood style that seems to attract every light in the room and bounce it back at all the rest of us. Dr. Lavi is here to set a couple of things straight when it comes to bleaching your teeth.

1.) Is there such a thing as over-bleaching ones teeth?

Absolutely. Teeth were not made for constant exposure to all whitening materials. So, when a person exposes their teeth on a regular basis, there are obviously some consequences that may arise.

2.) What are some of those consequences?

While it varies from person to person, the general symptom of over-bleaching is hypersensitivity. This is when the nerves just start firing signals like crazy, which usually translates into pain for the patient. Another consequence may include erosion of the enamel, which essentially removes the barrier that has been protecting your teeth for most of your life.

3.) How should a patient go about bleaching their teeth safely?

If you are planning on bleaching your teeth, it is important that you first see your dentists. Dr. Lavi would be happy to take the time to see you and check your teeth to make sure if their are any underlying problems we address them before moving forward with the bleaching.

Dr. Lavi offers in office bleaching at both his Los Angeles and Studio City Office. If you are interested in receiving these services please click the Contact Us tab at the top right of the page to contact us. We will follow up with you usually within a few hours and most times within the hour you contacted us.

Dr. Lavi has been performing Dental Services for over 25 years in Studio City as well as Downtown Los Angeles. He is experienced and well trained in Implants, Root Canals, Crowns, Dentures, and Bridges .

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